Mainland Challenge News

The Mainland Challenge is the next event on the CORC calendar when Offroad racing explodes into Canterbury again. The Second Round of the ORANZ National Series, in conjunction with the second round of the southern series will be a battle of man/woman, machine and terrain.
The two day event has a mix of interest to ensure the cars will be worked hard for the entire weekend.

The first day of racing is held on the best short course racing venue in New Zealand. That of the Canterbury Offroad Raceway, Weedons Ross Road. The second day is to be held on this same raceway with an extension to the surrounding forestry. Those of you who experienced the 2014 ORANZ National Finals will be familiar with the course layout, however due to the shift of date to end of June we expect dust to be considerably less of a factor.

Saturday beings the real spectator races. There will be 3 heat races for each class and an all-in final around an adreneline pumping short-course track. This is where you will see wheel to wheel racing over huge jumps at massive speeds!

Check out a couple of videos below to see what this sport is all about

Video 1 Enduro
Video 2 Promo