January 31, 2016

About Us

About Offroad Racing

If you could create a motorsport what would it be?

Why not combine the exciting elements of every motorsport?

F1 – custom built, very fast, high horsepower machines. But combined with a bolloxed up format that means little passing. Cars so fragile that if they so much as brush each other they have to be repaired. Tracks that are repeated again and again… and again.

Rallying – Fast and furious. Racing as it pretty much should be, loose and loud. But wait, why ruin all the fun by making the cars go in single file with huge breaks between cars? Why not throw them together? Or how about making the tracks a mix of smooth and rough with a bit of extreme rough thrown in as a shocker!

Circuit Racing – Door to door, edge of your pants racing. But you are doing that round and around and around trip again. The cars are also heavily regulated and cost more than the new CEO of Telecom makes in a life time.

4×4 – Fantastic sport. Extreme tracks that defy belief. Custom built vehicles that have a huskier voice than Helen Clark. But it so slow… why not throw a fire breathing monster in there to tear up the flags at 200kph?

So what do we have?

  • Custom built cars that are strong enough to take a bit of a bashing.
  • Door to door, bumper to bumper action. So lets mix it up and start as many cars at the same time as possible.
  • Courses that are not simple round and round, that contain smooth, rough and so rough you have to swallow your kidneys again! And lets make some of them long… really long.
  • Fire breathing monsters. Got to have them! So we need an open class that is only regulated by safety.
  • If we base the whole lot on dirt/mud/shingle then the drivers are forced to adapt and adapt quickly. Bet that will keep drivers and spectators on their toes.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing the bottom of cars every so often. So lets throw them up in the air and every once in a while on their roof.

Bugger, someone has already bet us to that sport.

Welcome to the world of Offroad Racing!

The Canterbury Offroad Racing Club

The Canterbury Offroad Club, an incorporated society, was formed in 1982 and now has a strong membership base, consisting of racing and social members.

Initially, the space framed Offroaders were based around a large amount of Volkswagen parts.

A donor car, and a purpose built space frame and plenty of hands on work, set you well on the way to having a competitive Offroader.

Things have moved on since then. High horsepower, affordable Japanese import motors started appearing in the cars and with the advent of clever independent suspensions, Offroaders have come to rely less on Volkswagen parts using more aftermarket suspension parts.

With the flood of Japanese import 4wd vehicles coming into New Zealand, it was inevitable that they would make great Offroad race vehicles, hence the burgeoning classes of 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive truck classes. These vehicles are cheap to fit out as a race car and are a sponsors dream to plaster signwriting all over!

Our club is affiliated to ORANZ (Off Road Association of New Zealand) the national governing body for Offroad racing and is recognized by SPARC (Sport and Recreation New Zealand).

We have built our own purpose built 1.1km Offroad track. The West Melton Offroad Raceway, at Weedons Ross Road, has specially contoured jumps and bumps which add an exhilarating touch to the racing giving the competitors big air over the jumps without being hard on the vehicles.

Our club works in with the Canterbury ATV Association who relish the chance to race on our track.
Our sport is quite affordable and non elitist, with racing vehicles costing from $1500-$2500 for some classes and up to $20,000 and more, for state of the art vehicles.

We also have a good core of social members who enjoy being involved in the club and the racing activities while not actually owning a vehicle.

Young drivers are catered for. Our club has implemented a youth driving policy, where drivers from 12 years old can race in selected classes, under controlled conditions and our national body (ORANZ) has now implemented two childrens classes to take kids as young as five right through to 15.

The club is kept informed as to what events are happening with our website,  on our facebook page and at our club night held once a month (the second Monday in each month). Click on our events page to find out details of our next meeting. 

Events are scheduled from February to November which includes four South Island Series events held throughout the South Island. These events are heats for the national series, which culminates in a National final held every year, alternating between the North Island and the South.

Our club also hosts club days, which include short course racing at the West Melton Offroad Raceway, hillclimbs and enduro events held on farmland and in forests.

If you know of any land we could race on, we want to know about it!
We are always looking for new members. We welcome people who are interested in the sport, but not necessarily wanting to race. After all, it is still fun being involved without racing.

For a preview of what our sport is all about see our gallery page and click on the All Torque Media Video Clip – Mainland Challenge 2018